3 Ways Outsourcing Structural Design Services Helps Startups to Grow from Tier 3 to Tier 1 Service Providers


Most startup construction companies commence operations as Tier 3 service providers and work their way up to Tier 1. You hardly ever find a startup construction company getting the types of construction projects that Tier 1 builders get. You need experience and capacity to handle the massive engineering requirements of megaprojects. Therefore, new construction companies must be strategic regarding service provision to grow.

One of the avenues for propelling a startup company towards Tier 1 projects is outsourcing structural engineering designs. This article provides insight in this regard.

Reduced Operational Costs 

Tier 1 structural engineering firms use financial muscle to their advantage. Therefore, they are capable of bidding for mega construction projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. It is a luxury that most newbie engineering firms do not have, which forces them to settle for projects with smaller budgets. However, reducing your operational costs can help you save a lot of money from the onset.

Outsourcing structural design service eliminates the need for an in-house design team that draws a salary every month, irrespective of whether you have a project or not. Through outsourcing, you pay less for the same design work that an in-house engineer would have done. Over time, your company will achieve greater financial flexibility to bid for more lucrative construction projects.

Leverage Time Saved

A structural engineering firm with an in-house design team must continually train engineers on the latest engineering technologies. Additionally, operations are intertwined such that nothing can go forward if a design team does not accomplish their task on time. It might significantly reduce the number of projects completed over a given time, consequently slowing down growth projections.

By outsourcing structural design services, you can get excellent service within the shortest time possible. The hours saved can then go towards other activities, such as building customer relationships. Besides, outsourcing engineering design services can help your company to build a portfolio quickly because you have enough time to complete projects in time.

Access to New Design Technology 

Access to the latest structural design technology can be the difference between getting a multi-million construction project and settling for smaller projects that come your way. It is something that Tier 1 structural engineering firms understand very well. As such, Tier 1 companies take advantage of their financial muscle and invest in the latest design technologies which give them an upper hand in the most lucrative construction projects in the country.

Working with structural design services gives you access to industry-standard structural design tools, which can consequently enhance your quality of service delivery. The trajectory of your growth can only go upwards with access to state-of-the-art design tools. Learn more by contacting structural engineering services near you.


2 July 2020

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